Due to a certain monopoly in the market of aircraft simulators, as well as a very high demand for professional training equipment, a full FNPT II / MCC simulator can cost up to several million Euro.  Our company definitely breaks this rule, offering you a solution several times cheaper.

An important factor reducing the price of our simulator is the lack of unnecessary intermediaries (simulators are made in our factories), simple management structure and short delivery time.

Skilful management and a great deal of trust of our clients offer us not only the ability to create perfectly-reconstructed simulators at a reasonable price, but also to compete with the largest players in the aviation market.

The A320 simulator, similarly to B737, has a perfectly-reconstructed cockpit.  This means that all systems and components of the hardware work exactly like in a real airplane.

A320, instead of the traditional yoke, has a sidestick, and the Fly-by-wire control system.  B737 is characterized by a traditional control - a yoke which very accurately reflects the forces operating on it.

A decision regarding the selection of the proper simulator depends primarily on your target group (who the pilots are, on what planes they want to fly, what line they would like to apply to, etc.).  An important factor is also the experience of your instructors, as well as the location of the company and the impact of competition.

As far as the FNPT II/MCC certification is concerned, A320 gets it in a limited version (the simulator does not have the lift on the controls).  This translates into some limitations in the aviation training process.

Our team consisting of the most outstanding specialists who have been working on the certification of simulators for years, will, first of all, inspect your equipment.  We will analyse the hardware and software, and then we will propose changes which should be made to obtain certification without any problems.  Then we will introduce the planned modifications and submit the documents for certification.

According to the client’s wishes, we prepare a personalized simulator configuration.  This applies primarily to the cockpit elements and the size, as well as the type of screen.  We care about the individual approach to the Client and full flexibility regarding your needs.  We pride ourselves in the fact that we approach each of our Clients individually, and the simulator offered by us is of the highest quality, which has been confirmed by the most experienced pilots.

We offer three different visualization systems: cylindrical, spherical and spherical with the Collimated Visual system.  Depending on your clients and the available budget, we will prepare a personalized offer.  Please contact our consultant.  Together, we will choose the right solution.

The FNPT II / MCC certification will allow your centre to train pilots for the MCC and JOC licences, as well as to offer some training hours for:  MEPL(A), CPL(A) and IR(A). It is worth noting that the certification at this level includes two other certifications, namely:  FNPT I and BITD, making our device universal and ready to meet all the demands for simulator time, starting with the PPL license.

We care about the full satisfaction of our Clients.  If you are looking for a simulator with higher certification, we will be happy to talk and prepare a personalized offer (also for the equipment with FTD certificate).

Our target clients are primarily aviation schools, training centres and airlines.  We undertake co-operation with every entity interested in our products and services.  We are happy that our simulators are actively used during flight training, and the time spent at the controls translates positively into the pilots’ achievements.

Yes. We offer attractive methods of financing.  In order to discuss the details, please contact our consultant.

Each of our Clients gets full support of the technical and training department.  Including, among others: training specialist, consultant (A320 or B737 pilot), engineer, electronics engineer and IT specialist.  Our employees are at your disposal to ensure continuity of training and 100% use of the simulator time.

In order to optimize costs and provide you with the most professional and reliable software, we decided to co-operate with Prosim and Lockheed Martin (Prepar3d).  We work together to continually develop the software we use, make it realistic, and adapt it to higher certification.

The average cost per hour of the simulator is relatively small.  It includes the cost of technical support and the average price of electricity.  This amount oscillates around 10 Euro/h.

Depending on the selected option, we offer the following warranty packages:  12, 24 and 60 months.  We make sure that the time of repair (even the most complicated) never exceeds 48 hours.  We have a full warehouse of all spare parts, as well as a team of specialists who will instantly restore your equipment to proper working order.

Our consultant will be happy to present you the terms of the warranty and the benefits it offers.

We provide simulator training for all clients and their employees.  They help you to fully understand how the simulator and the electronic instructor’s station work.  In addition, thanks to our training, we are able to prevent embarrassing situations in which, for example, the instructor does not know how to use all the functions of the simulator.  We care about the satisfaction of our Clients, and that is why we make sure that during professional training they can comprehensively familiarize themselves with the equipment. 

We are a company that is not afraid of challenges.  Due to the fact that we manufacture all the elements of the simulator ourselves, we can modify them in any way.  We prepare a personalized configuration of the cockpit, we design additional elements on request and we also build cockpits based on parts from a real airplane.

We care about the satisfaction of our clients and we want them to know that they can turn to us with every idea and we will implement it for them.  There is nothing impossible for us, but sometimes things may only prove to be labour-consuming in order to not only prepare the design according to your wishes, but also to ensure the highest quality of workmanship.

Please contact our consultant who will answer all your questions.


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