Analysis of client’s needs

The JetSim company analyses the needs of its clients with great care.

We can prepare a detailed analysis of the selection of the simulator for you, so that you can be sure that it will work best in your company, we can decide what cockpit configuration would be the best for you, and which visualization system (taking into account your budget) will bring the best results.

There is nothing impossible for us.  We are constantly developing and creating comprehensive solutions which bring measurable benefits to your company in a short time.


If you have a simulator which is not yet certified, or if, for some reason, you may not obtain certification, we will be happy to help:

  1. We will audit your simulator
  2. We will use our software or hardware components so that your simulator will receive your preferred certification right now, without unnecessary waste of time and complications. We can apply for BITD, FNPT (I or II), MCC, or even FTD (I or II) certification.


If your simulator is breaking down all the time, it is incomplete, there are problems with the software or its configuration, we are also able to help you.

Our team will review the specification of your equipment (will conduct a simulator audit) and, on its basis, will prepare a detailed offer along with the schedule of activities.


We provide training in practical operation and technical service of the simulator.

Our team, composed of computer scientists and line pilots, will train your instructors and teach them about the secrets of operating all the equipment.  Additionally, after completing the training, your company will receive the “Certificate of a JetSim Professional Training Centre”, and each of the trained employees will receive the “JetSim Instructor Certificate”.

Having these documents gives you many tangible advantages:

  • Your centre will join the elite group of JetSim users.
  • New clients will have the confidence that they get professional training on an aircraft simulator.
  • You will receive free training for instructors.
  • Pilots will be sure that they are trained under the supervision of a professional instructor.
  • Your aviation school will be on the international map of JetSim simulators.


After receiving the full specification of your equipment, we will prepare a detailed offer for the implementation of the new software.

We offer software for hardware operation (Prosim) and software that imitates the external environment (Prepar3d), at the best price in the market, with full support and configuration.