Our mission and goals

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We are a company that understands what professional pilot training means.

During the next 4 years, the number of people working in this profession will increase by nearly 14,500 in Poland itself, so the demand for aircraft simulators will increase We do not only want to deliver ready-to-use equipment, but also ensure continuity of training, reliability and faithful reconstruction of the cockpit.  We approach each of our clients individually.  We fully understand that each of you will have different needs, which is why we prepare each of our offers with great care.  Each of our simulators is different.

They have different hardware and software configurations.  We pride ourselves in the fact that thanks to the individual approach to the client, we can co-create training centres focused on effective and reliable pilot training.  Our mission is to save time and minimize potential errors in the training process (resulting from the wrong selection of the training system).  We provide a comprehensive solution at the best price in the market, and our team consists of people with passion and love for aviation.

Meet our team!

Our team consists of professionals fascinated by aviation. Many of us have pilot licenses and experience on A320 and B737 airplanes. Our group includes, among others, programmers responsible for software, engineers taking care of every detail of the cockpit, computer hardware specialists, as well as pilots - testers who will not release any solution which has not been tested thoroughly.

Engineer Adam Boniecki


Associated with the aviation industry, has been developing his interest in flight simulators for many years. He gained experience by supervising the certification and implementation of FNPT II simulators. He is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the ICT industry. Certified Microsoft engineer. Wanting to obtain a CPL license, he encountered problems related to training on certified flight simulators, which led him to the development of his interest in the training market, and, consequently, in the idea of complex sales of aircraft simulators. As he claims: the best business is the business which comes from a true need.

Michal Boniecki

Project Manager

A simulator pilot for nearly 13 years. He flew for more than 1500 hours on JetSim Airbus A320 FNPT II / MCC itself. He conducts numerous trainings for pilots preparing for Screenings, Airline Transition Programme and TypeRating. He knows Airbus A320 like no other and constantly expands his knowledge by studying numerous scientific publications. He supervises the hardware configuration process and is responsible for best possible reproduction of the simulated environment.

Cpt. Maciej Peikert

consultant for quality and training A320/A321

Captain of A320 and A321 in one of the largest low-cost airlines in Europe. He spent a total of over 17,000 hours in the air. At JetSim, he serves the function of a consultant for quality and training. He makes sure that each cockpit is faithfully reproduced, and the experience of simulator flight is identical to that of a real flight.


Certification of the simulator makes it possible to train real pilots on it.

Our simulators have FNPT II / MCC certification, which offers a possibility of conducting training for PPL(A) and CPL(A) licences, as well as IR(A), FI, MEPL(A) or even MCC or JOC training.

Thanks to JetSim, the certification process is extremely simple and fast, and the entire responsibility for obtaining the certification rests with our company.

The certified simulator will be a great contribution to your aviation school.  You will be able to organize training on a passenger plane simulator from the first air license.  There is no other aviation school who has such an offer.

Our plants and software

Our company co-operates with the two largest production plants in Eastern Europe.  At a special request of the client, we are able to fully modify the design, e.g. to introduce a different configuration of the cockpit.  There is nothing impossible for us, and we treat every change in the design as a new challenge.

We have our own team of programmers, and we also co-operate with the largest companies developing aviation software.  We work only with world-class specialists, so the level of reconstruction of the simulated environment is indistinguishable from a real aircraft.


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