New simulator in JetSim – professional Cessna C172!

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We are happy to announce that we have started working on a new project – Cessna C172. Without a doubt, it is a product very much demanded by our customers. How will the simulator look like and for what trainings will it be used?

The C172 is the next step in the development of JetSim Company. With the introduction of the General Aviation simulators we are able to offer our customers full, comprehensive flight training. Now you can not only provide to your students MCC courses, but also train them for PPL(A), IR(SE) or CPL(A)!

The C172 simulator will consist of a full metal cabin reproduced 1:1, and depending on the desired customer configuration will be prepared on G1000 displays or analogue gauges. The control system is characterized by an advanced force feedback that will resemble exactly the same thing from a real plane, while the visualization will be based on the most modern spherical screen!

We invite you to cooperate with us and learn more about our offer –